Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are being used for access control and security system for several years. Nowadays, the system of automatic identification has become necessary to overcome the security threats. The RFID based access & security system only allows the authorized person to enter or exit from a certain checkpoint. Authorised people are provided with unique tags, using which they can access that area.

RFID based access and security system require the authorized person to take the RFID tag over the reader, then the electromagnetic waves activate the tag and automatically store the data. A reader is installed at a fixed place whenever the authorized person with an RFID tag will be in the electromagnetic waves the reader will automatically collect the data stored on the tag. RFID for access and security is used in various fields like- Parking Management, Library Application, Access Control, Personal Identification, Mobile Payment and Public Transport.

Omnia Technologies produces RFID tags in a wide variety of physical form factors to suit different deployment requirements. Key fob tags are quite common, designed to be attached to a key ring so they’re always handy for operating access control systems. In some cases, reusable or disposable wristbands are also used for personal identification and check-in at events.
Usage of RFID tags for access & security not only allows higher measures of safety and security but also help maintain better data records. Our RFID Tags for access & security are Wrist Band Tag, Metallica Tag, Key Fob Tag, Silicone Wristband Tag, Key Fob Tag, PET Disc Tag, AFC Token Tag, Windshield Tag, Universal Tag and more.