Containers used for shipping goods are valuable assets themselves. Profitability is correlated with optimal usage of resources as well as return on investment. Shipping containers are usually bulky and extremely large in number making manual tracking difficult and prone to error. Further, shipping across countries and continents involving multiple organizations, legal frameworks and systems creates hindrances in controlling movement of containers as well as theft/loss or property.

RFID technology can assist in making this process more seamless and smooth. RFID tags are a suitable and cost effective method for universal implementation of electronic security seals.

Benefits of Container Tracking using RFID Technology:

  • Accurate and timely shipping of goods with real-time tracking updates
  • Verifying goods during loading and off-loading including en-route monitoring of seals
  • Capturing complete logistics information trail
  • Recovering reusable containers accurately through proper planning and tracking
  • Higher return on investment of containers and reduced need for higher stock keeping