The deployment of RFID technology enables gas cylinder identification and management through the supply chain. It helps create a transparent supply chain through accurate data records. It links the assigned cylinder with its user and helps in quick and easier usage identification and billing. RFID tracking also assists in monitoring the movement of cylinders. This helps in inventor optimization through better allocation of resources and with less logistical efforts. In fact, it eliminates scope for malicious intent or manual error due to carelessness. Overall, RFID tags can be used effectively to monitor, track and bill for gas cylinders quickly and accurately.

Benefits of Cylinder Tracking with RFID:
  • Automate the whole working process involved in the organization.

  • Tracking of Cylinders in Warehouse, Cylinders in transit for delivery, Cylinders delivered, Cylinders returned back to the warehouse.

  • Cylinder stock can be tracked at the click of a button.

  • Real-time visibility of stocks & location of cylinders.

  • The complete history of the cylinders helps to identify the cylinders which are due for testing.

  • The decrease in lost cylinders.

  • The system is capable to prevent pilferage/theft of cylinders.