Laundry Management system allows you to keep a track of in and out of laundry from an area. This tracking enables us to track the life span of fabric and keep an optimum level of fabric in stock. RFID Technology enables tracking of laundry by tagging it. 

Omnia Technologies enables companies to automatically track linens, clothing, rags, and other assets in order to provide more accurate inventory management and accounting practices. These RFID tags are designed to meet all requirements in terms of pressure, heat and chemical resistance in the applications of contactless tracking of garments in the textile rental and dry cleaning.

Each Laundry Transponder has a unique identification number. The Transponder can be easily patched in all garments and minimize shortages. If a garment is lost while being processed, using RFID it can be identified. It saves handling time at on & off-site, soil laundry check-in and clean laundry check outstations. They provide end-users with a full service from renting to cleaning the supply of garments, laundering and collection/delivery services.

Benefits of Laundry Tracking/ Management:

  • Real-time tracking of the laundry items from point of pick-up, through sorting, washing or dry-cleaning, packaging, and distribution.
  • Reduced handling time at check in and check out on site and off site
  • Automatic identification of misplaced and stolen items.
  • Accurate data capture regarding item lifecycle, inventory control, reusable asset sterilization control as well as automatic billing to end users.