Pallet Tracking is essential to enhance productivity, cost efficiencies and track reusable assets to increase return on investment. Pallet movement contributes significantly towards the handling, transport and storage costs. As goods move on pallets through a warehouse or a supply chain, it becomes imperative to track their movement and collect information regarding their location, usage, process flow, and available inventory. Access to such critical information enables quick transportation of goods through optimal resource planning, accurate implementation, involving least handling time and cost.

This information can be recorded with the help of RFID tags which can be attached to the pallets or built into them. Omnia’s RFID tags for pallets are designed to withstand water, chemicals, and shock and temperature variation leading to excellent performance in harsh and outdoor environments.

Benefits of Pallet tracking using RFID Technology:

  • Enhanced productivity through real-time visibility and control of pallets movement
  • Improved stock tracking helps in efficient transport systems
  • Reduced human error and loss of assets
  • Cost efficiencies through speedy accurate tracking with reduced labor intervention
  • Correct billing of goods based on accurate pallet movement leads to higher revenue