In events management, RFID wristbands are used on a large scale to record entry-exit of visitors and monitor their movement. These wristband tags having unique ids can store visitor information. With RFID readers installed in multiple locations at the event, it becomes easy to track visitors’ movement.

For events such as exhibitions, data collection regarding their movement helps exhibitors and organizers study footfall, movement patterns, areas of interest of visitors across various market verticals. It also helps with branding activities as many companies enjoy sponsoring this RFID taggingactivity and acknowledging the arrival of visitors at multiple locations through TV pop ups. In concerts, these wristband tags can have attendee information stored regarding access, food and beverage package, etc. This helps in maintaining limited access to restricted areas and also in cashless transactions respectively.

Some more unique applications also make use of RFID wristband tags for identification and tracking of people. These include tracking of children’s movement in amusement parks and on beaches and tracking patients within hospitals or rehabilitation centers.