RFID Technology plays a crucial role in the pharma & health-care industry, it includes equipment tracking, people identification and tracking, medical report monitoring, medicine tracking, and supply chain. Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are becoming the main customers of RFID Technology. It makes tracking and identification easier! RFID saves organizations time and money by storing patient information and monitoring their location in the hospital. The data collected in real-time is immediately available to personnel.

Omnia RFID Tags enhance the safety of patients and helps keep track of them. With regard to hospital equipment, RFID tags can be used to track inventory, locate assets, follow maintenance cycles, and optimize equipment usage across the hospital for different procedures. RFID provides real time traceability, identification, communication, temperature, and location data for people and resources.

Omnia RFID Tags used in Healthcare and pharma are silicone wristband tags, micro tags, PET disc tag, and several other tags.

Benefits of RFID in Healthcare Industry:

  • Better tracking of the treatment process
  • Enhancing internal schedules
  • Accumulated RFID data can help a healthcare organization in predicting patient flow.
  • The system increases patient safety by reducing human error and so improves the efficiency of the service
  • Analysing the data about a patient’s movements can help the hospital for deeper insights.​​​​​​
  • By tracking and identifying assets through RFID hospitals can make it easier for staff to find idle equipment and avoid the purchase of unnecessary capital.