Counterfeit pharmaceutical is one of the most critical issues facing the pharmaceutical industry today. The business of selling fake drugs is escalating globally. Adoption of RFID hardware and software throughout the pharmaceutical industry from manufacturing to distribution and sale/consumption can help overcome this dangerous problem. Reliable, accurate and secure measures for tracking, tracing and authenticating pharma products across the supply chain are essential to protect consumers as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers’ brands.

When the manufacturer puts an RFID tag on the product, it stores all the static information about the product such as a lot number and expiry dates in a database for record-keeping. When the product moves across the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, this information of the tags is updated in the database holding the initial information.

This process is carried out through all phases of the movement of drugs, from the wholesalers to the distributors, to the hospitals and pharmacies. It increases visibility, traceability, and authentication of products to safeguard consumers' health and protect the pharmaceutical industry overall.