Radiofrequency identification is being adopted rapidly in a growing number of tire industry processes and will deliver more transparency, fewer rejected tires and production failures and better control of materials. Major tire producers are investigating new technologies to support their internal production processes and to gather more data per process step for individual tires.

RFID is changing the tire industry for the better and regulations are influencing tire manufacturers to make the required changes and implement RFID to provide further transparency into the tire supply chain.

RFID is helping manufacturers to identify, track, and manage tires all through their production and distribution processes, increasing read rates, cutting labor costs, reducing scrap and rework.

Omnia manufacturers two types of RFID tire tags: The UHF Spring tire tag is inserted inside the tire at the time of tire manufacturing (during the vulcanization process) and is therefore protected against tampering and outside elements. If the tire is already manufactured then this cannot be inserted, in this case, we put the spring tire tag in a patch and put this patch on the inside wall of the tire using a cold, chemical or heat cure process(this is just like patch, we use for putting a puncture on the tire).