Warehouse management is imperative across all industries and market verticals. RFID nowadays has become a significant part of warehouse management. It provides advantages to a warehouse by tracking, securing and managing items from the time they enter the yard/warehouse through the entire transit. Warehouse agents can benefit from RFID tags because this technology can make internal processes more efficient and improve responsiveness, by enabling real-time traceability of assets.

RFID tags can create such systems which are reliable and bring about efficiencies along these warehouse and distribution channels. Also, it monitors the progress of products through the warehouse through automatic identification of goods, maintaining accurate and timely records of their location, movement, dispatches, and delivery. RFID tags are attached to the materials, RFID Readers and Antennas are installed at the checkpoints which typically would be the entry/exit points of the warehouse; to record the movement of tagged assets.

A regular inventory update is possible by using handheld RFID devices, during the life span of the material in the warehouse. The data can be automatically updated for a lot of material at once. RFID technology holds the capacity of reading multiple (>100) tags simultaneously. Constant monitoring of the materials will be possible at any time by increasing the number of readers and antennas.


Benefits of RFID based Warehouse Management:

  • Provide greater visibility of the inventory as it moves.
  • Enable faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock.
  • Reduces inventory handling costs.
  • RFID Technology increases the speed and productivity of the tracking process in warehouses, reduces the need for manual checks and counts.
  • Capture critical information to and from every point of activity.
  • Reduces inventory errors and inaccuracies