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By : Priyanka | November 7, 2019

RFID stands for Radio frequency identification technology. RFID enables wireless data collection by readers from electronic tags attached to or embedded in objects, for any RFID application. RFID systems involve software, network and hardware components that enable information to flow from tags to the organisation’s information infrastructure where it is processed and stored.

RFID applications focus on tracking and identification of any object or material. Omnia Tags manufacture various type of tag based on RFID application in different frequency ranges- Low Frequency, High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency. RFID applications have been in use for many years in transport, access control, event ticketing and management, and, more recently, in government identity cards and passports, and extensively in manufacturing supply chains and in logistics for goods distribution.

RFID applications vary from one industry to another industry. One application could require a tag in a wristband form with ultra-high frequency; on other hand one could require a soft tag with low frequency. A single tag can also serve many industries, but it ultimately dependent upon the RFID application it is being used for.

We manufacture these tags to serve numerous RFID applications as below:

Asset Management

RFID based asset management system helps an individual to keep a track of their assets. Asset can include any valuable thing to a company. This system provide a non-contact, non-line of sight method of automatically gathering, inspecting and distributing detailed production information and are capable of reading through metallic and non-metallic objects.

Asset management is an RFID application which requires hard or soft tags to track and identify assets of a company. Omnia Tags manufactures various range to RFID tags used for asset management.

IT Asset management is one aspect of the above, IT Asset tracking is tracking of the various IT asset of a company like laptop, CPU, monitor, keyboard etc. from the time of their purchase to time of disposal. Asset tracking enable you to identify and track change in the location of assets, increase or decrease the number of assets, track assignment status and user information.

Laundry Management

RFID Laundry tags enable companies to track linens, clothing, rags and other assets leading to efficient inventory management. Each laundry tag has a unique identification number which helps track every garment individually, quickly and accurately. Omnia’s laundry tags can be easily patched in garments and linens. They are designed to withstand pressure, heat and chemical exposure.

Major customers of RFID laundry management are Hospitality industry, Commercial launderers and dry cleaners, and healthcare.

Access & Security

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are being used for access control and security system for several years. Nowadays, the system of automatic identification has become necessary to overcome the security threats. The RFID based access & security system only allows the authorized person to enter or exit from a certain check point. RFID application for access and security includes- person identification, parking management, access control, library applications, etc.

We design and manufacture these tags for all the applications for Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and all other industries. 

Animal Identification & tracking

Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product. The manual process of data entering about the number of animal enters and exit from the farm is time consuming resulting in more possibilities of errors. RFID Technology is largely used now days to track and record animal information, where direct line-of-sight is not practical. Radio tracking technology can help determine exactly where an animal is at any moment in time and often what that animal is doing!

RFID Tags attached to animals provides basic information about the animals. These tags come in various different sizes and can be incorporated into ear tags. The tags can also be safely injected or embedded in a ceramic bolus and permanently placed into an animal’s stomach.

Waste Management

RFID tags to help municipalities and waste management companies optimize their resources and make the data collection process more efficient. Waste management companies and container manufacturers can choose from a broad spectrum of LF, HF and UHF passive contactless transponders that provide various levels of resistance to water, chemicals, shock, and temperature variation.

Waste disposal trucks equipped with RFID readers pick up waste bins marked with RFID tags. The readers then record the exact time and place for every waste bin that is emptied. Installation of RFID tags on trucks facilitates automatic identification of these trucks at waste disposal sites and feeds waste weight information to an integrated database. These RFID tags enable operators to monitor sorting quality, track the number of times a container is dispatched for collection as well as the weight of its contents. Automatic data collection quickens and simplifies the process of billing for services rendered and allows easy implementation of incentive programs.

Pharma & Healthcare

RFID Technology plays a crucial role in pharma & health-care industry, it includes equipment tracking, people identification and tracking, medical report monitoring, medicine tracking, and supply chain. Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are becoming main customers for RFID Technology. It makes tracking and identification easier! RFID saves organisations time and money by storing patient information and monitoring their location in hospital. The data collected in real time is immediately available to personnel.

Inventory Management

With increasing complexities in the work process, managing inventory has become tough and important too. RFID application of inventory management helps to control inventory, stock security and quality management.

RFID technology helps in identification and recording of individual products and components, and to track them throughout the verticals from production to point-of-sale. This process does not require direct line-of-sight and it creates a real time visibility of stock in hand, thus helps proper utilisation to it. Every movement of the inventory/stock can be automatically stored on the system with the help of this technology.

NFC Application

Near field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connection that allows for sharing data between several devices, as well as accessing information and carrying out commercial transactions only by approaching our credit card to a compatible reader.

Mobile payment is a point of sale (PoS) payment method which is done through smart phones facility which requires near field communication. Mobile payment is not only convenient but safe also. It is done through smart phones, and has reduced the requirement of carrying cash in hand.

Tracking and identification becomes important for any company when they hold a huge amount of material. RFID applications are majorly about tracking and identification of asset, inventory, waste, vehicles, human, animal, containers, baggage or any material as discussed above.

Radio frequency identification tags can be applied for tracking and identification of any object. This technology do not require any direct line of sight, it automatically stores all the information of tagged objects. Unlike barcode, Multiple (>100) RFID tags can be read simultaneously. Also, once up and running, the system can be completely automated or requires low human intervention. RFID applications includes- pallet tracking, vehicle tracking, parking management, jewellery management, electronic toll collection, mobile payment, manufacturing & automation, library applications, warehousing & distribution.

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