RFID for Animal Tracking and Identification

By : Priyanka | January 25, 2021

Ranchers, farmers, and other livestock professionals use RFID technology to track and record a variety of everyday data, such as how much a cow is being fed each day and how many male and female animals are on a ranch at a given time.

In addition to monitoring general animal locations, RFID tags can gather other valuable data to evaluate long-term patterns, such as genetic disorders, health problems, and even possible social threats in a given herd or flock. RFID tags attached to an individual animal can hold basic data, like its birth date, breeding details, and what inoculations it has received. Since tags can detect if an animal is unwell, livestock owners can address any health problems before they get out of control. Sensors can also relay valuable data about the animal’s eating habits and weight. When comparing the collected data of a group of cows, you can determine which animal in the group eats first and which cows prefer to eat with other cows. Details about the social habits of cows can also be captured thanks to RFID tags.

Our Products

Cattle and Sheep Ear Tags :

These tags are ideal for the identification, tracking, and health, history & nutrition management of cattle and sheep respectively. They are made with special TPU material and are over-molded making them more robust and durable in the outdoor environment.

They can be reusable or tamper-proof depending on the application. They are available with different chips and memory sizes including FDX and HDX animal modes and can be made in custom colors.

Glass Tag :

RFID Glass Tags are ideal for animal Identification as well as medical testing applications. They are also suitable for automotive applications such as immobilizer. These tags are available in various sizes with different chips & memory sizes. All glass tags undergo a 100% test regarding optical, mechanical, and electrical parameters prior to delivery thus guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Watch the video to know more about these tags and their benefits.

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