January 30, 2019

Why RFID in Supply Chain Management?

    Supply chain is network of entities, directly or indirectly linked to serve the consumers. A supply chain enables a company to better manage demand and supply of products. It is responsible for the right amount of inventory, keep the cost minimum and meet customer demand effectively. A supply chain starts from the vendors for raw material to the ultimate users; it includes the producer who converts raw material into final product, ware house where products are stored and the retailers who sell the product to end user. But this flow of products from supplier to manufacturer to end-user...

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RFID Technology
January 17, 2019

Benefits of RFID Technology for Business

  RFID has been described as the “world’s oldest new technology”, whereas the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is growing now! A study shows, RFID technology is at a growth since it is being adopted by more companies each year. It is implemented in various sectors, and used for very different purposes. This is because of benefits derived from using RFID technology; it makes tracking, identification & recording convenient for various industries.     Benefits of RFID technology for Business:   Optimum Utilization of Assets   Asset management is the most common use of RFID technology for any...

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Business Warehouse
January 16, 2019

Latest RFID Applications by Omnia Technologies

  RFID stands for Radio frequency identification technology. RFID enables wireless data collection by readers from electronic tags attached to or embedded in objects, for any RFID application. RFID systems involve software, network and hardware components that enable information to flow from tags to the organisation’s information infrastructure where it is processed and stored.   RFID applications focus on tracking and identification of any object or material. Omnia Tags manufacture various type of tag based on RFID application in different frequency ranges- Low Frequency, High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency. RFID applications have been in use for many years in...

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