Access Control

An access control system is simply the method of managing entry and access into specific area. RFID based Access control is a security system, which allows authorised person to enter or exit. RFID for employee access control systems is being used world-wide. There are many areas in which RFID tags are carried by people to allow them to gain access to facilities or services. In manufacturing facilities, secure laboratories, company entrances, and public buildings, access rights must be controlled. This is accomplished using RFID technology.

Access control system is one of the most common used systems in electronic door control using a card or a magnetic stripe which can be accessed by swiping through a reader on the door. These access control systems are used for security purposes. It is widely used in Offices, Server rooms, Homes, Airports, Defence, Data centers, etc.
RFID tag in any form factor is being used as a pass to enter or exit a specific location; RFID reader fixed at the gateway send electromagnetic waves and activates the RFID tag. A person with RFID tag (in card form or any) can gain access to an area by passing tag over the fixed reader. The reader verifies the details stored on the IC of RFID tag and allows the person to pass, if verified.

Benefits of RFID based Access Control:
• Secure access to work place and residential complexes
• Controlled access to dangerous/secure equipment including vehicles and public transport
• Access to leisure and recreational facilities such as gymnasiums and sports clubs

Omnia Technologies produces RFID tags in a wide variety of physical form factors to suit different deployment requirements. Key fob tags are quite common, designed to be attached to a key ring so they’re always handy for operating access control systems. In some cases, reusable or disposable wristbands are also used for personal identification and check-in at events.
Usage of RFID tags for access & security not only allow higher measures of safety and security, but also help maintain better data records.