Animal & Food

Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product. The manual process of data entering about the number of animal enters and exit from the farm is time consuming resulting in more possibilities of errors. RFID Technology is largely used now days to track and record animal information, where direct line-of-sight is not practical. Our RFID Tags attached to animals provides basic information about the animals and the tags can also be used for food traceability. We provide a full range of specialized tags used in managing livestock. Our innovative products meet all applicable standards and regulations. Omnia RFID tags come in various different sizes and can be incorporated as ear tags. These tags can also be safely injected or embedded in a ceramic bolus and permanently placed into an animal’s stomach. These tags help optimize productivity and livestock production. For tracking pigeons, small size glass tags are embedded in pigeon rings.

Omnia RFID Tags are completely harmless tags used for better tracking and tracking of livestock. RFID Tags used for animal & Food are Cattle Ear Tag, Sheep Ear Tag and Injectable Glass Tag.