Animal Identification and Tracking

“RFID animal tags are used world over to track history and movement of farm animals, zoo animals and pet animals. It is necessary to maintain records regarding animal origin, health, nutrition, threat of disease and so on. These records ensure timely and proper feeding, vaccinating and transferring of animals between farms. Manual data entry is time consuming and prone to high errors. These challenges are overcome through the adoption of RFID technology which automates and quickens processes. It also ensures accurate data recording and efficient animal management.

Omnia offers two types of RFID animal tags for animal identification and tracking. These include animal ear tags for livestock including cattle, sheep and goats while glass tags are suitable for livestock, pets and pigeons. These are reliable tags for managing and safeguarding animals, and help optimize productivity and livestock production.

Animal ear tags are made with special TPU material and over-moulded making them robust and durable for outdoor environment. Omnia’s animal ear tags can be made reusable or tamper-proof depending on application. Ear tags are available with different chips and memory sizes including FDX and HDX animal modes, and can be made in custom colours.

The glass tags come in various sizes and are safely injected subcutaneously or embedded in a ceramic bolus and placed permanently into an animal’s stomach. Generally, larger size glass tags are ideal for sheep, cattle and goats and smaller sizes for pets. RFID glass tags can also be incorporated into ear tags for cattle or embedded into pigeon rings for tracking of pigeons.”

Suitable RFID Tags: