Asset Tracking

The RFID systems provide a non-contact, non-line of sight method of automatically gathering, inspecting and distributing detailed production information and are capable of reading through metallic and non-metallic objects, such as plastic conveyors.

Built for reliable operation under rugged conditions, RFID systems take on a wide range of operating conditions, including harsh environments, where bar coding is not practical. RFID Tags, RFID antennas and RFID controllers are all industrially ruggedized to withstand wet, oily and other adverse conditions.

Read reliability in RFID asset tracking and automatic identification is not affected by a misaligned tag or, as is often the case with bar code labels, compromised by airborne dust, dirt, oil mist, or other factory conditions.

RFID asset tracking systems are non-contact and non-line of-sight; they are designed to read and write through non – metallic objects, such as plastic conveyors.