Electronic Toll Collection

Toll collection is a part of government activity which includes collecting taxes from the road users. Usually, a toll tax is being charged when the road is new. Toll collection activities leads to long line on the highway. Manual toll collection process creates congestion on the roads and thus more pollution from the vehicles.

Radio frequency Identification Technology is a step initiated by the government to reduce traffic on the roads. Using RFID Tags for Toll collection is a part of Smart City projects also. A label tag with RFID Chip in it is attached to every car; the reader at the toll will read the tag and automatically deduct a certain amount of money from the account linked to the Vehicle and let the vehicle pass through the toll gate.

Benefits of Electronic Toll Collection:
· Faster & efficient movement of vehicles
· Helps in monitoring every vehicle which enters and exits.
· Will reduce the congestion on the road.

Suitable RFID Tags: