Industry & Logistics

In the current dynamic environment, the work processes are becoming more & more complex. Thus, monitoring and controlling has become an important step in industry & logistics sector. The RFID systems assist in creating a real time visibility for businesses. Logistical activities are interdependent on each other for successful process. RFID enables faster and real time visibility in logistics work process, every movement of products can be tracked.

Omnia RFID tags for industry & logistics can help in various applications- waste management, IT asset tracking, jewellery management, pallet tracking, ware housing & distribution etc. RFID Tags are used in various industries to optimize data collection speed and accuracy, enabling improved process control, data management and productivity. We provide wide range of RFID tags for data collection, tracking and tracing in industry- waste bin tag, endure tag, innova tag, micro tag, genie tag, metallica tag, fabric laundry tag, etc. These tags are available in all frequencies.