IT Asset Tracking

IT Asset tracking is tracking of the various IT asset of a company like laptop, CPU, monitor, keyboard etc. from the time of their purchase to time of disposal. Asset tracking enable you to identify and track change in the location of assets, increase or decrease the number of assets, track assignment status and user information. Tracking IT assets allows getting maximum value from the use of the assets, right-size IT inventory, and optimizing inventory purchase decisions and strategies.

RFID Technology helps in tracking the IT Assets with a small tag attached to assets. Whenever these assets with the RFID tags come near to the reader, its data is automatically stored.

Benefits of IT Asset Tracking with RFID:
· Ensures company’s assets and the data are secure.
· Helps in preventing inventory over-stocking and misuse.
· Real time visibility of IT Asset allows management to improve efficiency and performance, by reducing the overheads.

Suitable RFID Tags: