Jewellery Management

Inventory management of jewellery is a crucial and time consuming task. Jewellers tend to undertake inventory checking, accounting and record management on a daily or weekly basis across manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors. Being very precious and valuable articles, even a few pieces of jewellery being misplaced or lost could lead to huge losses.

RFID Tagging of jewellery articles can assist in quick, accurate and efficient management of these goods. RFID tagged jewellery items can be read in bulk which makes stock-taking and book keeping very quick and reduces scope of manual error. These eliminated losses and also decreased manual labour.

A more advanced system for inventory management incorporates RFID and EAS technology which Omnia supports through its combination RFID + EAS tag. This not only helps avail the benefits of RFID technology but also prevents theft of the jewellery article through the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology. This dual purpose tag is an innovative way to solve multiple problems faced by jewellers through a single solution.