Parking Management

RFID Tags assist in Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Vehicle Tracking. Commercial vehicles as well as personal vehicles need to be identified and tracked for secure access to gated and controlled parking areas. This solution provides easy means of allowing secure entry and exit to vehicles in an area, preventing unauthorised access.

RFID enabled Windshield Tags are placed on the windscreen of the vehicles which can be read when the vehicle passes through a RFID enabled gantry or parking lot gate. RFID windshield tags mounted on the windshield is specific to users, the details for each vehicle is mapped prior to the process. RFID technology allows for easy and fast communication between tag and reader. RFID readers are mounted on the entry and exit gate as the vehicle enters the range of reader it activates the tag, the tag transfers the data from its IC to the system and allows entry or exit of vehicle. This helps in allowing access to a vehicle to a secure gated parking lot, automates billing and electronic collection of parking fees, and eliminates scope of misplacing parking tokens/tickets.

Omnia Windshield tags are tamper-proof which eliminates scope of theft of these tags. Any attempt to transfer or shift the tag from one vehicle to another vehicle causes the tag to lose its functionality and this helps in accurate automatic vehicle identification.
RFID based parking management will allow vehicles to move without having to stop. Drivers will not have to stop at the point of circulation and parking tickets will be out of usage during Entry-point and exit-point. The amount will be automatically deducted from the user’s account as the vehicle passes the gate, they can recharge their account according to requirement. It will be avoided ticket-jamming problems for the ticket processing machines as well. Vehicle owners will not have to make any payments at each Entry-point thus a faster traffic flow will be possible. Since there won’t be any waiting during Entry-point and exit-points the pollution problem will be avoided.

Benefits of RFID based Parking Management:
1. Reduces chances of human error.
2. Fasten the process of entry and exit.
3. Reduce the traffic on roads
4. Reduces the pollution
5. Enhanced safety and security by allowing access to authorised people.

Application Areas: Residential Colony, Societies, Corporate Offices, Factories, etc.