ARAI Approval received for NPCI FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection.

In 2018, Omnia Technologies received an approval for FASTag from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). FASTag is a program rolled by NHAI for Electronic Toll Collection on National Highways in India, which will be mandatory for all new vehicles.

ICAR Approval for Injectable Animal Tags

Omnia is proud to announce the receipt of the ICAR certificate of conformance with ISO 24631 for its injectable animal tags. Contact us for ICAR approved injectable RFID tags for animal identification and tracking.

1st Indian ARAI Approved Windshield Tag

Omnia is the first Indian RFID tag manufacturer to receive an approval for tamper-proof Windshield tag from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as per MoRTH Resolution H-25011/4/2011-P&P (Toll) Vol. II Dated 28 Sep. 2011.

1st in India to Develop, Manufacture and execute UHF Tag Order

In 2007, Omnia Technologies started designing, manufacturing and executing UHF Tags. We are proud to be the first manufacturer of UHF Tags in India.