HF- 7 mm Laundry Tag


Laundry tags are robust and durable tags developed especially for laundry & linen management. These tags are designed to withstand conditions of pressure, heat, and chemical resistance as per requirements of the applications. These tags facilitate contactless tracking and inventory management of garments in textile rental & industrial Laundry verticals.

What are these tags used for?

The RFID technology allows the identification and traceability of laundry linen. For example, after arriving in the laundry’s reception area, the dirty laundry trolleys can pass through a gantry equipped with an RFID antenna and connected to a computer that allows the identification of each piece of laundry (type of laundry, colors, nature of the textile). The linen can be sorted very efficiently using a PDA, tablet or any other fixed or mobile RFID reader! Once washed, dried and/or ironed, the linen can be identified again, allowing operators to know in real time what linen is available at the factory. This method makes it possible to identify the linens in order to gather similar pieces together. The linen is again ready to leave the factory to supply customers with clean linen!

Laundry tags used in laundries are specifically designed to cope with harsh conditions such as multiple washes, chemicals, high-pressure spin-drying, and laundry ironing. 

Depending on the customer needs, the laundry tag chip can be equipped with just a read function or a read/write function. The reading function allows you to read the information contained in the laundry tag, while the second one allows you to read and insert new data.


Product Code: H090209

Suitable RFID Application: