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An RFID tag is a small device consisting of a circuit, an antenna, sometimes an internal power source, and a protective casing. RFID tags are typically used in inventory management and tracking, whether it to be for locating assets within a building, preventing retail theft, or reducing manual work to manage and document inventories.We design and manufacture International quality RFID tags in various frequency ranges including low (LF), high (HF) and ultra-high (UHF) as well as NFC tags. Our RFID tags are best suited for tracking in Laundry Management, Health care,Waste Management and Live Asset Management. Omnia boasts of being the pioneer of RFID technology in India and it has the expertise and enthusiasm to fulfill complex and challenging RFID needs. Our in house R&D lab consisting of expert analysts, engineers and designers, focuses on developing and customizing high performance, innovative and industry specific tags. Having over a decade of experience in design and manufacturing of RFID Tags for quality conscious markets such as Spain, Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Japan and USA, Omnia has become globally recognized brand. Over the time, we have grown from a company primarily providing plastic cards to smart cards, RFID products, Entrance Automation Products, Animal tracking RFID tag system in Spain. Our experience and strong mission-first work ethic has helped us develop capabilities, insights, and skills that few, system integrator can match. Our dedicated support system delivering high quality, customer focused solutions and professional services in such areas as solutions planning and RFID or Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID tags suppliers in Spain

Our presence can be found easily in various application segments like Assets tracking system in Spain, Laundry tracking in Spain, RFID waste tracking , Automatic fare collection system, Automatic access Management system, logistic tracking system in Spain, Live stock tracking in Spain etc.

Industries where we serve

Industry & Logistics

In the current dynamic environment, the work processes are becoming more & more complex.

Animal & Food

Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product.

Access & Security

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are being used for access control and security system for several years.

Pharma & Healthcare

RFID Technology plays a crucial role in pharma & health-care industry, it includes equipment tracking,

Animal & Food industry: The manual process of tracking of animals is very hectic. Keeping the data of enters and exit from the farm is time consuming resulting in more possibilities of errors and helps in animal tracking in Spain. RFID Technology is largely used nowadays to track and record animal information, where direct line-of-sight is not practical. Our RFID tags attached to animals provide basic information about the animals and the tags can also be used for food traceability. We provide a full range of specialized tags used in managing livestock.
Our innovative products meet all applicable standards and regulations. Omnia RFID tags come in various different sizes and can be incorporated as ear tags. These tags can also be safely injected or embedded in a ceramic bolus and permanently placed into an animal’s stomach. These tags help optimize productivity and livestock production. For tracking pigeons, small size glass tags are embedded in pigeon rings. Omnia RFID Tags are completely harmless tags used for better tracking and tracing of livestock. RFID Tags used for animal & Food are Cattle Ear Tag, Sheep Ear Tag.

Supply chain management: Real-time tracking and tracing of goods for minimizing efforts and maximizing output by using RFID tag in logistics in Spain. Effective supply chain is integral to the success of this industry. Factors such as maintaining product quality and affordability, inventory management and digital intervention play a direct hand in meeting changing needs and overcome organizational challenges that surface through internal and external forces.

Security & Access Control : Access control systems are used for security purposes. It is widely used in Offices, Server rooms, Homes, Airports, Defence, Data centers, etc. RFID Play a Major role in it. The RFID tag in any form factor is being used as a pass to enter or exit a specific location; RFID reader fixed at the gateway sends electromagnetic waves and activates the RFID tag. A person with RFID tag (in card form or any) can gain access to an area bypassing tag over the fixed reader. The reader verifies the details stored on the IC of the RFID tag and allows the person to pass if verified. Access control by RFID tag in Spain and other counties is now part of latest security mechanism.

Healthcare & Pharma :Adoption of RFID hardware and software throughout the pharmaceutical industry from manufacturing to distribution and sale/consumption can help overcome this dangerous problem. Reliable, accurate and secure measures for tracking, tracing and authenticating pharma products across the supply chain are essential to protect consumers as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers’ brands.
When the manufacturers use RFID tag on the product, it stores all the data about the product such as a lot number and expiry dates in a database for record-keeping. When the product moves across the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the end point, this information of the tags is updated in the database holding the initial information.
This process is carried out through all phases of the movement of drugs, from the wholesalers to the distributors, to the hospitals and pharmacies. It increases visibility, traceability, and authentication of products to safeguard consumers' health and protect the pharmaceutical industry overall. for this we use advance RFID tag tracking system in Spain.

RFID Applications

Laundry Management

Laundry Management system allows you to keep a track of in and out of laundry from an area.

Waste Management

RFID is a powerful tool for waste collection, and disposal of waste, delivering different

Inventory Management

With increasing complexities in the work process, managing inventory has become tough

Tire Tracking

Radio frequency identification is being adopted rapidly in a growing number of tire industry

Access Control

Access control system is one of the most common used systems in electronic door

Electronic Toll Collection

Toll collection is a part of government activity which includes collecting taxes from

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouse management is imperative across all industries and market verticals.

Jewellery Management

Inventory management of jewellery is a crucial and time consuming task. Jewellers tend

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