Omnia Technologies is an ISO-9001:2015 certified company for designing and manufacturing of RFID Tags.

Our RFID tags are best suited for tracking in industrial and logistical applications such as laundry management, waste management and asset tracking. Omnia boasts of being the pioneer of RFID technology in India and it has the expertise and enthusiasm to fulfill complex and challenging RFID needs.

Access & Security

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags are being used for access control and security system for several years.

Nowadays, the system of automatic identification has become necessary to overcome the security threats.
The RFID based access & security system only allows the authorized person to enter or exit from a certain check point. Authorised people are provided with unique tags, using which they can access that area. RFID based access and security system requires the authorised person to take the RFID tag over the reader, then the electromagnetic waves activate the tag and automatically store the data

Pharma & Healthcare

RFID Technology plays a crucial role in pharma & health-care industry, it includes equipment tracking, people identification and tracking, medical report monitoring, medicine tracking, and supply chain.
Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are becoming main customers for RFID Technology. It makes tracking and identification easier! RFID saves organisations time and money by storing patient information and monitoring their location in hospital. The data collected in real time is immediately available to personnel.

Omnia RFID Tags enhance safety of patients and helps keep track of them.

Animal & Food

Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product. The manual process of data entering about the number of animals enters and exit from the farm is time consuming resulting in more possibilities of errors. RFID Technology is largely used nowadays to track and record animal information, where direct line-of-sight is not practical. Our RFID tags attached to animals provide basic information about the animals and the tags can also be used for food traceability.

Industry & Logistics

In the current dynamic environment, the work processes are becoming more & more complex. Thus, monitoring and controlling has become an important step in industry & logistics sector. The RFID systems assist in creating a real time visibility for businesses. Logistical activities are interdependent on each other for successful process. RFID enables faster and real time visibility in logistics work process, every movement of products can be tracked.

Omnia RFID tags for industry & logistics can help in various applications- waste management, IT asset tracking, jewellery management, pallet tracking, ware housing & distribution etc.